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Our eye wear consultations are free of charge and are available to existing customers, new customers booking an eye examination, or we also welcome customers bringing prescriptions from elsewhere.

Our consultations are all about YOU.
A personalised service for each individual carried out by qualified trained Dispensing Opticians.
We thoroughly enjoy eye wear consultations, every consultation is as unique as you are. 
We take time, over a cuppa if you wish and make the experience fun and enjoyable.

What is an eye wear consultation?
In simple terms it is an analysis of your prescription, lifestyle and personality to determine the best possible eye wear solution for you.
Providing the best possible eye care has been our business for the past 22 years. Eye wear plays a vital role in getting the most from your eye care. Choosing the perfect eye wear can often be confusing and so our consultations are designed to ensure that choosing glasses is not only effortless but enjoyable.
We are truly passionate about finding you the perfect solution, giving you the best possible vision for the demands of your lifestyle whilst complementing your individual personality and style.

There are two sections to our consultation:
1. Prescription ananlysis - lens advice
2. Frame selection

Prescription analysis. 
We take into account the power of the lenses and advise about the weight, thickness and cosmetic appearance of the lenses.
When will your glasses be worn?  eg. all the time, just reading, computer use, sport
Your budget - we will always aim to find the best solution whilst respecting your budget.
We will recommend the ideal lens or combination of lenses specifically tailored to your lifestyle and budget.

Frame selection.
There are so many frames to choose from and we understand how daunting it may seem. We are trained not only to take into account your prescription when choosing a frame but also your lifestyle and personality. We understand that we are all unique and 'one size does not fit all'. Frames vary from minimalist to bold and daring.

Many customers are looking for just one pair of specs to suit many needs, others prefer to select a wardrobe of specs for different occasions or activities.

Whatever your preference, our consultations are all about YOU.
A personalised service for each individual carried out by qualified Dispensing Opticians.

Every consultation is as unique as you are. 

Would you like an eye wear consultation?  Click to book one!

When you come for your eye wear consultation, 
for a special bonus!


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