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Computer Users 
Lenses for computer and indoor use
When a standard progressive may not be the answer, Indoor lenses truly come into their own.
Reading lenses may not give the depth required, whilst bifocals miss out the intermediate completely. 

Hoya offers a total of five choices of lenses so we can offer the perfect solution for your visual requirements. 

AddPower 60 the enhanced reading lens
AddPower is Hoya’s enhanced reading lens that provides increased depth of vision and guarantees the most relaxed reading experience. AddPower overcomes many of the problems associated with conventional reading glasses. Thanks to its extra wide reading area and depth of field, AddPower gives that extra ‘zoom’  into the intermediate zone, and is the ideal lens for reading, referring to documents, sewing and knitting.
Hoyalux Tact 200/400; the true occupational progressive lens, both of which offer different eyecare solutions
Wide, Deep, Comfortable Vision
Available in Tact 200 and Tact 400, Tact is the ideal indoor solution for presbyopes who wish to combine a wide and comfortable view of their immediate surroundings with a real depth of vision without extra head movements.  Hoyalux Tact features an intermediate area twice as wide as conventional progressives, making it ideal for a relaxed, variable depth of vision.  Specific professions such as VDU users, surgeons, dentists, musicians would find these most beneficial.
Please note: this design is not suitable for driving.

Hoyalux iD WorkStyle 200/400 the latest addition to Hoya's Indoor rangeutilising iD FreeForm Design technology
Progressive lenses offer the average wearer sharp and comfortable vision, including near working distances. However, there is an increasing demand for extending the boundaries and meeting even higher levels of precision.  
Because ordinary reading lenses cannot meet these demands and progressive lenses are optimised for distance vision,  Hoya is proud to introduce the latest member of the iD Family, a new top-quality Indoor lens, Hoyalux iD WorkStyle. These lenses take a special place in the Indoor Range as they are based on the unrivalled iD FreeForm Design TechnologyTM.
Hoyalux iD WorkStyle is available in two personalised Indoor settings, 200 & 400. These figures indicate the distances supported by each lens with regard to depth perception. Hoyalux iD WorkStyle 200 supports an intermediate-close zone up to around 200cm. Hoyalux iD WorkStyle 400 supports an intermediate-close zone up to around 400cm.
A number of measured parameters, customised to individual measurements are taken into account when calculating the inset. This ensures optimal visual perception in depth and width fields of vision.
Please note: this design is not suitable for driving.
Computer and indoor use lenses