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At Hallcroft Opticians we pride ourselves on giving all our customers the complete ‘personal shopper’ experience to make selecting the best frame and lenses as easy for you as possible. 
Look Better
Face shape, hair and skin tone, eye colour, style and image, your lens prescription – all these factors will be taken into account when our qualified Dispensing Opticians give you a ‘personal shopper’ experience to help you select glasses from hundreds of frames we have to choose from.
We have an ipad with a special App, which will allow you to compare how you look in up to four glasses frames simultaneously. New glasses can completely change your image so have some fun and try on some that are completely different from what you would usually choose – you might be surprised!
These days many people choose to have more than one pair of glasses to suit their mood or even the outfit they are wearing that day! 
    At Hallcroft Opticians if you choose more than one pair of spectacles
 (to the same prescription)
you will get 25% discount for any additional pairs.
Spectacle frames
See Better
Not all glasses lenses are the same!
Advances in technology means we can fit your frame with lenses that give better vision, look more attractive and are more comfortable to wear.
Without Anti reflectionWith Anti reflection
New technology gives you high definition vision and reflection free lenses allow you to see better, reducing glare and increasing the amount of light travelling through 
the lens to your eyes and  cosmetically look better.
If your eye examination shows you need new spectacles our qualified Dispensing Optician will advise you on the best lens options, taking into account your individual visual requirements, your lifestyle and your budget. All these will be taken into consideration to ensure you receive lenses which meet your specific needs.
Sunglassesare not just a good idea all year round, but vital to protect your eyes against glare and also to the hidden dangers of ultraviolet rays.
We can make sunglasses to your prescription - ask about our special prices when ordering your spectacles!
As an independent practice, we are able to source our frames and lenses from many suppliers, giving a wide choice and we hope, something to suit all tastes and budgets.